Forgotten Film started as a camera-collecting hobby for Laura and Jonathan Cobb. 
Laura, an actress and Jonathan, a retired Army veteran began to cultivate an interest in photography back in 2012. They grew a moderate collection of antique cameras and often found exposed films forgotten inside. The couple enjoyed developing and sharing these images on their facebook page for the world to enjoy. "The most interesting and exciting part of collecting older cameras is that we often find exposed film that was forgotten inside... That is how we came up with the name Forgotten Film! You never know what you'll find - it could be an entire roll of flowers or some rare wartime photos. 

Forgotten film officially opened a Tintype photo studio in downtown Belton November 20th 2020, however, our Belton Studio Location is currently closed. We do still offer some photo repair and scanning services. So if you have vintage damaged photos -  Contact us for consultation about digital photo repair services at contact@forgottenfilm

 Stock photos also available via Dreamstime & Shutterstock​​​​​​​

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