Forgotten Film is a Photography Studio located in Downtown Belton, TX. 
**we are open by appointment only. pls email or call to make reservation
**No deposit for appointments  **
We specialize in Tintype Portraits - - Come as you are, dress up, or dress down! Stand in front of our old-time backdrops & take a step back in time as we capture your portrait using one of our vintage studio cameras! 
Each photo is hand crafted and processed DIRECTLY onto a 4x5 sheet of tin that you can take home with you - Our photographic process uses the same technique that was used in the 1850's back when our town was first established. We also offer photo repair services as well as modern digital photo sessions. Feel welcome to browse our services section & contact us if you have any questions.

~ Do I need an appointment? ~
Yes. please email or call 254-661-4803 to schedule :) appointments are available w/ no deposit for consultations, digital, and tintype sessions. 
~ How long does a tintype portrait take? ~
It takes approx 45 minutes to an hour to process your hand crafted tintype and your photo will be ready the same day or available for pickup next day if you do not have the time to wait. 
~ Is there a digital copy of my tintype? ~
Yes! We include an optional high resolution digital scan with every tintype. Just leave us your email and we'll send your digital copy over. In most cases it will be available same or next business day.

~ Can I bring my pet for a tintype portrait? ~
Pets can be extraordinarily difficult to capture using the tintype process because of the long sitting time. Please contact us for details and personalized quote. All pets that we photograph must be well mannered & trained + capable of holding a 'stay' command. (because of the long exposure time this is essential or the photo will be blurry)
~ What should I wear for my tintype session? ~
Anything! Feel free to dress up, or down. Because of the high contrast nature of tintypes we recommend that you avoid white clothing - it's very bright. Feel free to bring period hats, jewelry etc. We also have a selection of period items you can try on
~ Are streaks and marks on the tintype normal? ~
Yes. Due to the old fashioned / handmade nature of the process your image will contain all kinds of artifacts which only adds to the charm. If something is distracting to the image we would be happy to retake at no additional charge.
~ Will I get to preview my tintype before it's finalized? ~
Yes! The developing process is so amazing that we invite you to watch as your image appears on the tin. We will ask your final approval before your image is sealed in varnish. If you are unsatisfied we will retake at no additional charge
~ Why is nobody smiling in old photographs? ~
You can feel free to smile during your session but it was uncommon in the 1800's to find a smiling face in a photography. There are some theories to why but the most common one is because very early photographic process required long exposure times where the subject would have to stay perfectly still for many seconds so that the photo wouldn't look blurry.. holding a smile for extended periods like this is uncomfortable
~ Can I order prints? ~
Upon request we will provide you with a "photo release" that legally allows you to reproduce your tintype portrait  into as many prints as you'd like. Wherever you would like. We do offer prints through our pro lab for an additional fee (starting at $10)
~ Can I use the photograph commercially? ~
Yes, you are welcome to use your portrait commercially without additional charge.

Hello & thanks for visiting our page!  
Forgotten Film actually started off as a camera collecting hobby - We grew a moderate collection of vintage & antique cameras and would often find exposed film that was.... forgotten inside (that's how we came up with our studio name) We developed the films in our home darkroom and made a facebook page to share these vintage treasures with others w/ similar interests.
Do you love history? Follow,connect &share old photos, newspapers, camera collections on our fb & instagram pages! @ForgottenfilmUSA
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