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Tintype Portrait Sessions: 
4x5 Session $140 | 8x10 Session $300
Your portrait will be captured using one of our large format cameras and will then be developed using the same wet-plate collodion process that was used in the 1850's! Each package includes one (1)  real hand-made tintype photo and in most cases, your package is ready for pickup in 1 hour! There are many charming stores and restaurants to enjoy in Historic Downtown while you wait.

Digital Portrait Sessions: 
This package and includes your consultation, session time of up to (1) hour,  access to 25-100 photos via downloadable online gallery plus, 1 retouched digital portrait for commercial or personal use of your choosing
Each additional retouch is $12 and professional prints are also available starting at $30 +tax

Ditigal Pet Portrait Sessions:
We invite you to come have your session in our home studio / fenced back yard. Session takes about 1/2 hour and your finished product includes 1 digital file , 1 fine art  print, and a frame.

Digital Restoration Services:
Level 1: Basic spot removal & repairing of small scratches, cracks, & minor writing (not touching the face or body) fix small stains and restore fading / basic color restoration on uncomplicated portraits $30. 
Level 2: All the above plus moderate repairs for photos that have more significant damage - minor scratches, folds, tears, repair of missing corners holes or damage on background  $40 
Level 3: All the above and fixing or removing multiple spots, water damage, burns, scratches, and fractures especially to face, body, and / or background. Restoring photos that are badly torn, have damaged or missing pieces of the face, body, or background  $75& up
Add colorization for an additional $30
Thumb drives are available for an additional $12
Prints available starting at $30 

Film Negatives & Photo Scanning:
$30 first scan and $1 each additional scan (This price includes access to a private online gallery where you will be able to download all your photos to your computer or devices. 
Thumb drives are available for an additional $12.00
Prints available starting at $30 
Vintage B&W Film Developing ($12/roll)
Our developing services for b&w 120, 220 and 620 film developing is $12/roll. This price includes developing (you get the negatives back) and high-resolution downloadable image scans (if a roll is blank and didn't come out at all - you wouldn't pay for it) Prints are available for an additional fee. 
Turnaround time is relatively quick - most are ready 3-7 business days. Damaged film (torn sprockets, overlapped frames, uneven frames) could take longer due to manual adjustments w/ scanning

Film Photography & Developing Workshop ($175)
The workshop is perfect for anyone curious about giving film photography & home developing a try! Instruction includes 1 week rental of a 35mm film camera, film, and film developing and scanning workshop where you come back to personally develop and scan your own roll of exposed 35mm film using just a few common household ingredients (eg: COFFEE!!!!!) We supply everything you need!

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